Earth Moving Equipments Spares

Earth Moving Equipments Spares

We welcome the opportunity to service your present and future construction and mining replacement parts needs.

We are dealing with

Ground Engaging Tools

  • Point, Adapter and locking devices for mining applications of Shovel Dippers and Draglines

  • Cast Steel Shanks, Half Shanks, and Shrouds and Ripper Points with maximum wear life for all ripping conditions

  • Full Range of Adapter and Tooth Systems for Several models of Earth Moving Machines.

  • Cast Alloy Cutting Edges and End Bits provide longer wear life

Undercarriage Components For Mining

  • Cast Steel Sprockets and Idler Wheels, of various sizes for Construction and Mining applications.

  • Track Shoes, Chain Links and Driving tumblers for mining applications such as Hydraulic Excavators and Shovel Dippers

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